Is it possible to lose weight with massage?

Massage is used for cosmetic purposes, for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Although you can massage some parts of the body yourself, it is more effective to contact a specialist.

The effect of massage on the body

Along with physical exercises and diet, massage helps to lose weight, model the figure and rejuvenate the skin. It is a misconception that it is the process of kneading fat accumulations that eliminates cellulite. The reason is as follows: massage increases blood flow to the deposits, which the body consumes faster due to increased blood circulation.

The procedure is effective in combating sagging sides and abdomen, as well as in restoring muscle and skin tissues during intensive weight loss.

Kneading the body is not a completely harmless procedure. It should be carried out at home carefully. In some diseases, this is dangerous and leads to consequences. Before visiting a massage room or performing manipulations at home, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Some list of contraindications:


varicose veins;



skin and inflammatory diseases;

cardiovascular pathologies;


Only massage will not get rid of cellulite and extra pounds, although it will keep the body in good shape. Only in combination with diet and sports training can you achieve results. Additional beauty services help to enhance the effect: masks, wraps, peels.

What type of massage for weight loss to choose?

There are hundreds of varieties, we will designate only the main ones.

Hydro massage

All that is required is to direct a jet of water to the problem areas. The pressure is controlled using a special shower head.

One of the advantages of hydro massage is the improvement of the work of internal organs, a change in muscle tone, oxygen saturation of the blood. At the same time, hardening can be carried out by changing the temperature of the water.


It has established itself as one of the most effective anti-cellulite techniques. The effect can be multiplied by taking a bath for half an hour beforehand.

Pinching is done with your hands for 15-20 minutes. The session ends with a contrast shower and application of anti-cellulite cream.

Vacuum or cupping

Sliding circular movements are carried out using glass or silicone cans. Skin peeling is done in advance and heated oil is applied.

The metabolic processes are intensified, the slags come out, so the skin becomes elastic and smooth. You can notice the effect after 4-5 sessions, and get rid of the “orange peel” after 15-20 regular procedures.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymph forms the body’s immunity, but it does not have its own “pump” — the heart muscle, with which the fluid moves through the body. With low motor activity, stress and poor nutrition, stagnation and swelling occur.

To stimulate the lymph flow, the specialist conducts lymphatic drainage massage with soft and smooth movements.


One of the methods of reflexotherapy that improves metabolic processes. Honey containing minerals, biologically active substances and vitamins is applied to the skin and rubbed. You can add essential oil.

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