Is it possible to lose weight with massage?

Massage is used for cosmetic purposes, for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Although you can massage some parts of the body yourself, it is more effective to contact a specialist.

The effect of massage on the body

Along with physical exercises and diet, massage helps to lose weight, model the figure and rejuvenate the skin. It is a misconception that it is the process of kneading fat accumulations that eliminates cellulite. The reason is as follows: massage increases blood flow to […]

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4 Ways to Overcome Laziness and Motivate Yourself to Train

Someone goes to the gym with enviable regularity, someone has enough strength to study at home. How to be in the ranks of healthy lifestyle lovers and get high from muscle pain if you can’t overcome laziness.

Why are we lazy?

Most experts agree that laziness is a bad habit that can and should be combated.

Before you force yourself to train and start fighting, you need to find out the reasons for this condition.

Lack of oxen strength. If there is not enough […]

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All about squats: varieties and technical nuances


Squats are a good and versatile element in any workout. It is easy to perform them, but the benefits are enormous: joints and back are strengthened, buttocks are tightened, endurance improves.

But only the correct squat technique guarantees a positive effect.

How to do it correctly?

You do not need to squat daily. It is enough 2-3 times a week — the muscles have time to recover and adapt to the loads.

With the help of squats, blood vessels and the heart are pumped. […]

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What is Qigong and how does it help to improve the quality of life

Qigong is a Chinese gymnastics that is very popular along with other oriental practices. By practicing this system, you can get rid of depression, improve your well-being and improve your health. In addition to exercises, the complex includes a meditative practice aimed at managing the internal Qi energy.

About the direction

What is Qigong? The healing gymnastics of ancient Chinese folk medicine is the basis of Qigong. This trend was formed under the influence of various religions, up to Confucianism. But over […]

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Why is it so important for teenagers to work out in the gym

Sports should be in the life of every teenager. But parents often underestimate the importance of physical activity and try to make children spend more time studying and intellectual development. Many people do not understand that regular workouts are extremely useful for a young body and can help “survive” a period of serious hormonal changes.

The benefits of sports

Teenagers who train regularly are more responsible and executive, as they are accustomed to discipline. On the other hand, fitness for teenagers is […]

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