What will happen to the body if you exercise regularly for 3 months?

Regular exercise in combination with proper nutrition is an opportunity to get the first visual changes in 3-4 months. Although you can feel fit and cheerful after a couple of months of training, in some cases — even after a month.

Be sure to take into account sleep, nutrition and stress levels. Physical activity should not be abrupt, and the diet is too rigid, otherwise there is a risk of returning to the previous state.

Therefore, to the question: “Is it possible for a beginner to get pumped up in a couple of months?” the answer is unequivocal — it will not work without harm to health.

How to achieve the maximum result in 3 months?

Following the instructions from the Internet like “lose weight in a week” is not the best option. Ideally — to develop your own training system, taking into account individual characteristics and the ultimate goal.

But even without a personal trainer, they are making impressive progress, the main thing is to choose the optimal exercises and set real deadlines. It is desirable that the developed complex involves the maximum number of muscle groups.

Remember: physical activity is stressful for the body, but gradually it adapts to them. Progress stops if you do not increase the load and do not change the training program.

The set of exercises usually includes:



power elements.

Massage sessions and swimming in the pool will help to complement the effect.

In the Premier Sport sports complex, hurry up to order a subscription for 3 months at once. Both cheaper and more efficient — adds a little motivation to visit the gym.

Can the transformation of the body go for the worse?

During the first training sessions, unpleasant changes appear — this is how the body responds to the load that has appeared. There is no need to panic.


  1. Volumes are increasing. The reason is as follows: during active classes, a person first loses visceral fat, and then subcutaneous fat. The muscles add centimeters, but only after the subcutaneous fat is gone, the figure approaches the desired parameters.
  2. There is swelling. Due to ruptures of muscle fibers, inflammatory processes begin. Gradually, the swelling goes away, because the blood brings the muscles regenerating trace elements.
  3. There is no relief. It is pointless to wait for the appearance of a noticeable relief immediately. Subcutaneous fat does not decrease so quickly, and while it is there, the cherished cubes and the press are not visible.

If you constantly worry and wind yourself up about weight gain and extra centimeters, then there is a high probability of abandoning classes. The body is rebuilding, give it time.

How not to hurt yourself with regular workouts?

It is not necessary to practice every day with enviable perseverance and to exhaustion. Otherwise, you risk dehydration, stress and exhaustion. In addition , there are:

feeling tired;

joint and muscle pain;

apathy and depression;

sleep disorders, etc.

Competently reconstruct the body and maintain it in a sporty and healthy state is a constant job. To feel significant changes, it is necessary to involve all muscle groups. Practice 3 times a week with breaks of a couple of days.

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