Why is it so important for teenagers to work out in the gym

Sports should be in the life of every teenager. But parents often underestimate the importance of physical activity and try to make children spend more time studying and intellectual development. Many people do not understand that regular workouts are extremely useful for a young body and can help “survive” a period of serious hormonal changes.

The benefits of sports

Teenagers who train regularly are more responsible and executive, as they are accustomed to discipline. On the other hand, fitness for teenagers is not only an opportunity to get rid of psycho–emotional tension and stress, which is so much in the life of modern children.

Sports will help:

strengthen the immune system and get sick less often during the season of respiratory infections;

avoid obesity and deterioration of health;

become more self-confident, communicate more with peers (athletic teenagers have a much wider social circle);

develop strength and functional indicators;

improve coordination of movements;

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