How to help a child choose a sport?

One of the ways to direct the inexhaustible energy of a child in a positive direction is to attend sports sections for children. But when choosing, parents are often guided by personal preferences and the remoteness of the school or fitness club from home.

It is important to take a closer look at the character and interests of your child, his health. Classes are aimed not only at maintaining the physical tone of the whole body. Sport fosters character, self-esteem, increases […]

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What will happen to the body if you exercise regularly for 3 months?

Regular exercise in combination with proper nutrition is an opportunity to get the first visual changes in 3-4 months. Although you can feel fit and cheerful after a couple of months of training, in some cases — even after a month.

Be sure to take into account sleep, nutrition and stress levels. Physical activity should not be abrupt, and the diet is too rigid, otherwise there is a risk of returning to the previous state.

Therefore, to the question: “Is it possible […]

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Is it possible to lose weight with massage?

Massage is used for cosmetic purposes, for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Although you can massage some parts of the body yourself, it is more effective to contact a specialist.

The effect of massage on the body

Along with physical exercises and diet, massage helps to lose weight, model the figure and rejuvenate the skin. It is a misconception that it is the process of kneading fat accumulations that eliminates cellulite. The reason is as follows: massage increases blood flow to […]

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4 Ways to Overcome Laziness and Motivate Yourself to Train

Someone goes to the gym with enviable regularity, someone has enough strength to study at home. How to be in the ranks of healthy lifestyle lovers and get high from muscle pain if you can’t overcome laziness.

Why are we lazy?

Most experts agree that laziness is a bad habit that can and should be combated.

Before you force yourself to train and start fighting, you need to find out the reasons for this condition.

Lack of oxen strength. If there is not enough […]

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